Help with the design of your badges?

Background colour

If you have chosen a silver or gold badge it will only display a white background colour. Don't worry your badge(s) will be made on the correct colour material.
If you prefer your badges to have a background colour that is not silver or gold, please call us on 1800 141 662, as our online designer does not currently allow this.

Up to 20 badges

Our easy to use online designer allows you CREATE and VIEW up to 20 individual badges online.

21 badges or more

If you are ordering more than 20 badges, design the first badge on the designer and this will be the generic template / master template for all the other badges. All other text lines must be uploaded into an excel spreadsheet in the format indicated.

How to design your badge(s)

a. Click the" logo" icon (if a logo/artwork is required) and add your logo onto the badge. Add further logo(s) if required. THE LOGO(S) CAN ONLY BE ADDED TO THE FIRST BADGE you design.
b. Use the editing tools to resize, align or reposition it to your desired location.  ( Artwork formats accepted for upload are  jpg, jpeg png and gif )
c. Next click on the "Aa" icon to add a text line. More text lines can be added by clicking again Use the text editing tools to choose font style, size and colour.

You can move and align the text line to your desired position or use the alignment icons for centre/right and left justification.

Your individual badges can have different text formats and a different number of text lines.

If you want "Logo only" badges don't enter any text

If you want to discard any text lines use the " garbage bin icon" to remove text

How to add more badges with a different artwork/logo (going to the same address*)

When your first order is completed and you have proceeded to the checkout you will be given an option to "Add More Badges". This will take you back to the beginning to of the quotation process. Just following the step by step process until you arrive back at the checkout. Complete your order by choosing your payment method